I am a proud parent of a 8th grader and a 4th grader student in the Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) System.

I truly believe in the old African proverb that “It takes a village to raise a child”. We as a community are actively involved in the upbringing of our children through volunteering in schools, sports programs or community programs. As a soccer coach in Loudoun Soccer Rec program for many seasons since 2013, I have been helping our boys and girls learn teamwork, sportsmanship and in the process learn soccer. As a Cub Scout Pack Cubmaster, and as the current Assistant Scoutmaster I am actively involved to help the scouts become model citizens.

I am running for the Loudoun County Public School Board - Ashburn District to :

  • APPRECIATE: All of our children, from those struggling to those soaring, deserve attention so that they may reach their fullest potential as our next generation of decision-makers and thought-leaders. We must APPRECIATE and nurture all of those children and their potential.

  • ELEVATE: Ashburn has the world's most innovative companies and leaders. We must elevate our STEAM and leadership programs for students and teachers through partnership with our business community.

  • INVEST: We entrust our teachers and school staff with the most valuable human capital we have, our children. That's why we must INVEST in hiring the best out there, keeping them compensated, and providing budgets that support their vision for learning.

  • OPEN: Parents, teachers, students and community members need to know what is happening in our schools in real-time. From websites, to social media platforms, to focus groups, to one-to-one coffee meetings and emails, we must OPEN every communication channel to keep our community informed.

  • UPLIFT: The mental and emotional health of a child is the most predict indicator of how happy they will be later in life. We must UPLIFT our children's current and future mental health through improved access to counselors, social workers, and special needs support programs.

Together we will make every effort in improving this “village” (LCPS community) to create next generation leaders.

Please vote for Harris Mahedavi in Nov 2019!

Ashburn District includes 10 election precincts from north to south:

  • Lansdowne (821)
  • Belmont Ridge (815)
  • Seldens Landing (813)
  • Newton-Lee (814)
  • Belmont Station (820)
  • Stone Bridge (808)
  • Sanders Corner (817)
  • Cedar Lane (810)
  • Broad Run (818)
  • Heritage Church (819)

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P.O. Box 4493Ashburn VA, 20148